Andrea "Lynn" Gates

 Andrea Gates, affectionately known as Lynn, is a native of Graysville, Alabama. She and her sister Melecia were raised by their grandparents Andy and Ethel Speight following the sudden death of their mother. Andrea was only six months old and her sister was four years old.    While many children have fond childhood memories a lot of hers were filled with sadness. While Andrea's grandparents did not shower her with material possessions, they instilled in her a passion for God. It is this passion that helped her survive molestation, rejection by loved ones, and being told she would be nothing in life.  As a child, Andrea found comfort in talking to God, and pouring her heart out to Him. She trusted and believed He cared for her despite the pain, and disappointment she experienced. To this day God still remains to be her trusted confidant.    
      Unlike most children, she would be driven to allow the negativity to make a liar out of her naysayers. It is out of this drive that God's Daughters was birth. Knowing firsthand the struggle of valuing and believing in yourself, Andrea desires for every woman and girl to know that God created them for greatness. She wants to echo the message that regardless of past mistakes or failures that God has not changed His  mind about them.  "I will never change My mind about you", are the words that God spoke to her personally when she was at her lowest point, fighting clinical depression, and finding herself turning away from the things of God. She learned that no matter what she was told by others, God still speaks in your valley experiences. 
     God's Daughters is not just an organization to her, but a movement. A vessel to empower, educate, and motivate women and girls  to walk in their purpose and fulfill their destiny.  God's Daughters host  numerous events throughout the year to include: An annual women's conference called "The Whole Woman Experience", quarterly Life Classes for Women, Young and Committed (Y.A.C.) Conference for girls, and Y.A.C. Park Day and retreat. Additionally, God's Daughters provides free Christian counseling by experienced and certified counselors. God's Daughters is also a proud supporter of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and The American Cancer Society.  Andrea is the owner of Jar'man's Hair Salon located in Hueytown,  Alabama. After 20 years in the Cosmetology profession, she is actively pursuing a bachelors in Broadcast Communications and a certificate in Christian Counseling. She is the author of "The Intentional Life", where she writes about living the life you were born to live. Andrea released her second book "God Has Not Changed His Mind About You in the Fall of 2014".   Andrea Lynn Gates is a resident of Birmingham, Alabama where she is the wife of Anthony Gates Sr., and the mother of two sons, Anthony Jr. and Christopher. She is a member of Love Fellowship Christian Center in Adamsville, Alabama, under the spiritual covering of Pastor Rodney and Telayo Standfield.  She faithfully serves on the church's ministerial staff and Generation Next Teen Ministry.

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