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God Wants To Use the Authentiic You!

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Quote: You can copy the vision, but you can't duplicate the anointing! Nor the grace to finish the assignment! ~Andrea Lynn Gates 

Acts 19:11-20 New Living Translation (NLT)
11 God gave Paul the power to perform unusual miracles. 12 When handkerchiefs or aprons that had merely touched his skin were placed on sick people, they were healed of their diseases, and evil spirits were expelled.
13 A group of Jews was traveling from town to town casting out evil spirits. They tried to use the name of the Lord Jesus in their incantation, saying, “I command you in the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, to come out!” 14 Seven sons of Sceva, a leading priest, were doing this.15 But one time when they tried it, the evil spirit replied, “I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who are you?” 16 Then the man with the evil spirit leaped on them, overpowered them, and attacked them with such violence that they fled from the house, naked and battered.
17 The story of what happened spread quickly all through Ephesus, to Jews and Greeks alike. A solemn fear descended on the city, and the name of the Lord Jesus was greatly honored. 18 Many who became believers confessed their sinful practices. 19 A number of them who had been practicing sorcery brought their incantation books and burned them at a public bonfire. The value of the books was several million dollars. ]20 So the message about the Lord spread widely and had a powerful effect.

Whatever God has called you to do, He has also equipped you to carry out the assignment. Sometimes we can see what others are doing, and the success that they are walking in and we think "I can do that too"! Yes, you probably can do it, but the question is "Were you created, or commanded to do it?" In the passage above the Sons of Sceva saw Paul walking in an anointed ministry, and they attempted to copy what they saw, not knowing the sacrifice that came with the oil that was on Paul's life, or even Paul's source, which was the Almighty God.   
Paul was simply a vessel yielded to the plan of God for his life. Never try to do what someone else is doing, because you don't know the cost of their assignment. Then if you attempt to do the same and the same anointing doesn't rest on your life, it could literally cost you your life. I'm sure the Sons of Sceva had a purpose, but it just wasn't the same as Paul's. 
God has given each of us unique assignments. There will be people He will instruct you to follow, or to be exposed to to see things done that you should be doing, or to see the excellence that they may operating in, but it is not to become a clone of that person. The Kingdom needs YOU, and what you authentically bring. I encourage you to walk in God's specific assignment He has on your life, and surround yourself with DESTINY PUSHERS who can help you arrive to where God designed for you to be.

The Heart of a Visionary, 
Andrea Lynn Gates
Founder of God's Daughters

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Patricia Berry on Tuesday, September 06, 2016 4:01 PM
A very good and easy to read post. It's good to know that your opinion is backed by scripture and is true. There are a lot of copy cats out there. I thank God for discernment.
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Pauletta Brown on Wednesday, September 07, 2016 6:04 PM
Appearances are just that.....appearances....... It's an outward aspect of what we see....... You never see the depression, the fight to get out of bed everyday, or the tear soaked pillow. There is a cost for even a teaspoon of oil, and many people aren't willing to pay for that. They just want the applause from man. This is not to say that we cannot admire people or their gifts....I would love to preach like TD Jakes and have his level of anointing. The question is am I willing to walk in his footsteps to attain it...... James and John's mother asked Jesus if her sons could sit next to Him in heaven. He immediately responded by saying "You really don't know what you're asking for, Can you drink from this cup I am going to drink? Consider that the next time you covet the oil on someone's life......
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Aushima Verma on Thursday, October 13, 2016 3:49 AM
Great information.
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professionally written cv on Monday, August 14, 2017 5:11 AM
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