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Andrea "Lynn" Gates

Andrea Gates, affectionately known as Lynn, is a native of

Adamsville, Alabama. She and her sister Melecia were raised by their grandparents Andy and Ethel Speight following the sudden death of their mother. Andrea was only six months old and her sister was four years old.

Unlike most children, she allowed the obstacles of her childhood to propel her instead of crippling her.

Andrea knows first hand the struggle to find your identity, the pain of rejection, the sting of molestation, and the feeling of trying to defy the odds. It is out of this drive that God's Daughters was birth. Andrea desires for every woman and girl to know that God created them for greatness.

She wants to echo the message that regardless of past mistakes or failures that God has not changed His mind about them. "I will never change My mind about you", are the words that God spoke to her personally when she was at her lowest point, fighting clinical depression, and finding herself turning away from the things of God. Andrea learned that no matter what she was told by others, God still speaks in your valley experiences. 

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